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Celebrating OCEM’s press #3000th produced

A special day in OCEM cause a significant milestone has been reached! As we come together to celebrate, with the company Accademia 61 and his CEO, Mr. Mauro Bagatini, the OCEM’s pressing machine #3000th produced in our factory. It has been a very long journey of 98 years that has brought us to this goal…but OCEM’s journey is not over yet, it is just at the beginning!

Accademia61 is a young organisation that originates from the thirty-year old experience of its founder Mauro Bagatini, in the field of research, production and marketing of flooring and cladding products, urban fittings and large distribution materials for construction and the building and maintenance of parks and gardens. The most exclusive materials from all over the world, a complete range of products, selected according to the latest design trends, with a focus on convenient, easy to lay and readily available products.

Click here for technical data on press n. 3000 delivered to Accademia61.

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