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OCEM: the widest range of complete plants and hermetic presses for the production of single / double layer terrazzo and cement tiles or slabs with always an eye on operators’ safety

The best partner for production of terrazzo tiles. With its very wide and complete range of plants and presses which starts from the smallest rotating one OPA540 up to the biggest plants in the world with presses OPA1480/6 or OPL1500, OCEM is capable to satisfy every Customer’s need. OCEM sales and technical depts. are always available to listen closely to any request and to suggest the best technical solutions, matching together feasibility, production capacity and Customer’s budget.

With quite one hundred year of experience in the mechanical and electric / electronic fields, OCEM is, at today, the world best reference point for those who want an industrial plant to produce high quality tiles, slabs or other products in concrete or marble/stone cement agglomerate.
OCEM technical dept. count on very experienced people that study and design customized solutions not only from the production point of view but also from the safety of the Customers’ operators and workers. In fact OCEM has internationally recognized and qualified engineers that take care of any safety aspects of the plants. This permits to design up to date safety plants and give support to all OCEM Customers about safety aspects also on existing systems.


Safety First! It doesn’t matter where you are located, safety rules during functioning, cleaning and maintenance of the plants and systems are always more important and their respect is a must for everyone in the world.


If you are looking for a partner for your production of terrazzo tiles the certainty of having OCEM experts at your side is an important step to conceive and design the plant of your dreams. We usually do that with the utmost attention to operators’ safety without affecting technical performances and flexibility to use, one of the most important points to keep in mind when you invest capitals and look for returns in the shortest possible time.

Ask us more about our plants and their safety features!

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