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Customer Care


OCEM produces automatic machines since more than 70 years and some of the oldest ones are still functioning properly. This longevity and long-lasting of OCEM machine is surely due to the skills and love of their owners but also to the very efficient OCEM SPARE PARTS DEPT. that follows all the Customers with passion, consciousness and promptness.
The use of original spare and wear parts is a guarantee of success, limiting downtimes and loss of production.
We are able to supply original spare and wear parts for all our machines even for the oldest ones.

Let our Spare Parts Department make a list of recommended spare and wear parts dedicated for your machines. With these parts in your warehouse, in case of failures, you will be sure to intervene immediately and minimize production losses.

To help worldwide Customers, OCEM implemented, for new machines, a new way of asking offers for spare parts using a dedicated software. Via a customized login on OCEM web site it is possible to send a request to the OCEM Spare Parts Dept. for the items chosen directly from the spare parts manual of the machine.
This is an important innovation that put OCEM at the cutting edge of the market giving to its Customers always better services.


Sometimes technical and production problems seem insurmountable. OCEM can help, thanks to its AFTER SALES SERVICE, with a specialized team and skilled technicians. Technical interventions shall be are made by phone or web call or, in case of bigger matters, directly sending a specialized technician worldwide.
Furthermore all OCEM machines can be equipped with TE.SE.O. (Tele Service OCEM) which allows to connect them with our After Sales Service team permitting to check the machine and to help in real time the local plant managers.
No matter in what Country you are in or what kind of trouble your machine has, OCEM can offer, quickly and efficiently, a qualified and professional after sales service.

Italian Quality, Global Market

OCEM is one of the world leading companies for the design and installation of concrete tiles and slabs production plants

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