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BM 140-240-440 Hopper

Automatic Hopper for Second Layer

Technical Info

  • AUTOMATIC HOPPER mod. BM 140-240-440 to fill automatically the moulds with the second layer material mix.
  • This machine fills automatically the moulds with the second layer over the first layer.
  • Machine compete with single or double front scraper to reduce / minimize tiles conicity. Rear scraper as option.
  • Translation speed controlled by inverter (option)
  • Material level sensor to fill the machine with mix coming from the batching plant.
  • Driven and managed by the press PLC and touch screen panel or supplied with dedicated electric/electronic control panel.
  • Suitable for all OCEM presses from OPA 540 to OPA 1480/6

Info and Inquires

Documents and Technical Sheets

Technical Brochure

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