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JIT 430-830 Hopper

Automatic Hopper for Second Layer

Technical Info

AUTOMATIC HOPPER mod. JIT 430-830 (OCEM patent) for charging the second layer into the moulds, with the following features:

  • Mobile group (shuttle) with adjustable forward and backward speed and strokes composed of:
    • hopper for the charging of the mixture coming from the batching plant, equipped with a manual opening for daily cleaning operations
    • a conveyor belt for the mixture situated at the bottom of the above mentioned hopper
    • a mobile box with front/rear pendulous scraper that allows to gradually pour the mixture into the moulds with a speed adjustable in each point of the forward/backward stroke. This allows to reduce the conicity of the tiles and to pour in just one stroke and in a reasonably short time enough quantity of mixture as to produce tiles up to 100 mm thick; moved by self-braking motor
    • conveyor belt and mobile box displacements controlled with encoder and inverters
    • movable scraper
  • The upper part of the machine and the mobile group can be lifted/lowered by motor gear in order to adjust in few seconds the height of the mobile box to the height of the moulds
  • Sloped conveyor to collect the excess of mixture complete with single or double vibrator for a faster material recovering
  • Machine mounted on wheels for a fast and easy cleaning
  • Movable radial plate with heavy duty rubber contact strip
  • Hopper level feeler for the control of the maximum and minimum level of the second layer mixture mounted in the charging hopper and in the mobile box. It stops of the table rotation in case of a lack of mixture.

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