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HOC 900-1100-1400

Horizontal Automatic Tiles and Slabs Handling System

Technical Info

This machine is able to:

  • collect fresh tiles and slabs from any hydraulic press
  • to store them on dedicated steel trays for the curing period
  • to take the dry tiles and slabs from the steel trays
  • to convey them to a finishing or processing line.

The machine uses self-bearing steel trays with overall dimensions up to 1400×2200 mm with variable heights in accordance to the tiles thickness.

Each tray can receive a variable number of tiles or slabs in accordance to the press and to the tile sizes.

Trays shall be made in hot galvanized steel or in stainless steel and they are designed based on the tiles or slabs to be stored.

HOC is available in a combined model handling fresh and dry tiles or in two separate machines: one for fresh and one for dry tiles or slabs.

Feeding and discharge of the trays shall be made using a forklift or, in case of a fully automatic plant, with an automatic finger car.

HOC is driven by an electronic control board with SIEMENS S7 PLC and a colour touch screen panel with a very user friendly HMI.

HOC is available in different sizes and it can be also designed tailored on Customer’s needs.

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Documents and Technical Sheets

Technical Brochure

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