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OL 400-700-800-1000

OL 400-700-800-1000

Calibrating Grinding and Polishing Machine for tiles and slabs

Technical Info

  • Strong electro welded steel structure composed of lower and upper frames on which the calibrating / grinding heads are installed
  • Modular structure for machines with more than 12 heads
  • Multilayer PVC belt to transport the tiles
  • Belt sliding runway made in HARDOX wear resistant steel
  • Strong stainless steel internal tile guides are easy to adjust to different tiles sizes
  • Motorized roller conveyor at entry and idle roller conveyor at exit
  • Calibrating / grinding heads mechanically adjusted
  • Working speed of the belt easily adjustable directly from the operator panel between 0,5 and 6 m/min
  • Closed loop control of the belt speed
  • Amperometric control of the calibrating process
  • Amperometric tracking system for the grinding process
  • Elecromechanical jacks with orthogonal axis and ball screws for the up/down movement of the heads
  • Standard thickness of the tiles up to 130 mm
  • Standard stroke of the heads: 200 mm
  • Control of the tiles thickness at the entry of the machine with out of tolerance alarm
  • Independently adjustable upper and lower air dryer to dry the tiles at the exit of the machine
  • Installed power on each head up to 50 KW
  • Diameter of the working heads 560-850-960-1160 mm for a workable surface of 440-700-850-1050 mm (capable to calibrate / grind up to two rows of tiles 500×500 mm or a slab of 1050 mm)
  • Standard useful width 400 / 700 / 800 / 1000 mm to calibrate / grind more than one row of tiles
  • Heads suitable to be equipped with complete carborundum grinding wheels or with fast change abrasive segments
  • Enclosure and inspection doors made according to CE safety standards ; ergonomic design to avoid water leakages while opening (patent pending).
  • Epoxy paint resistant to external agents, following controlled cycles of: phosphating wash, degreasing wash, application base coating (>50 micron) and high thickness finishing ( >400 micron).
  • Simple machine foundations
    • Cooling water perfectly distributed on all calibrating / grinding surfaces via centrifugal distribution system
  • SIEMENS S7 – 1500 PLC control system with remote assistance (optional)
  • Dedicated control panels on each head and a general touch screen operator panel for complete control of the machine working data
  • Water consumption from 2 to 4m3/hour per head
  • Automatic filling/emptying of the machine at beginning/end of the shift controlled by software
  • Opportunity to choose between calibrating or grinding heads directly from the operator panel
  • Interchangeability of the software interface between mechanical and pneumatic heads

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Documents and Technical Sheets

Technical Brochure

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