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ORS 900-1400

Tiles Rotation Device mod. ORS 900-1400

Technical Info

  • It takes the tiles from any press shovel or any other device, it lifts them and, with a vacuum suction system, turns them over, placing the beautiful face up. The tile thus overturned can be removed by the suction cup of the automatic system HOC or deposited on a transport path
  • ORS shall be fixed on the ground or mounted on wheels; in this case it can therefore be removed from the production line if tiles have not to be rotated.
    ORS can be driven by a dedicated control panel  (option) or by the control panel of an HOC system
  • Max. thickness of tiles 100 mm
  • Available in different sizes: 900 – 1400 according to the max size of the tiles to be rotated

Info and Inquires

Documents and Technical Sheets

Technical Brochure

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