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Automatic Finger Car

Technical Info

  • AUTOMATIC FINGER CAR to transfer IN and OUT from the curing chambers the racks of trays filled with fresh tiles and exiting from the horizontal take off plant HOC, and to then return the racks with cured tiles to the second horizontal take off plant HOC to serve the processing line. It allows an optimal filling of the curing chambers in order to optimize the curing time, energy costs and space.
  • Composed of 2 separated cars: the bigger car (mother car) runs in front of the curing chambers by transporting a smaller car (son car) which collects the racks of tiles from the horizontal take off plant, goes upon the mother car, which moves it in front of the chosen curing chamber tunnel, and transfers the racks of tiles to the right position inside the tunnels. Once the tiles are cured, the two cars follow the opposite course from the curing tunnels back to the second horizontal take off plant. The double car is complete with hydraulic plant, PLC control board with Teleservice connection and a manoeuvring panel on board plus security systems.
  • Racks are stocked on two floors inside the curing rooms.
  • The car rotates by 180° placing the racks of tiles to the rooms in front of the horizontal take off plant.
  • Other possible solutions for just one floor and without rotation available on demand.

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Technical Brochure

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