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TILE UP 140 – 160

Automatic system to pick-up the fresh tiles and store them vertically in dedicated steel racks

Technical Info

  • Automatic device for the pick-up and store vertically the fresh tiles from the extracting shovel of any press using a pneumatic vacuum system equipped with iron-rubber suckers
  • Tile are picked-up, rrotated by 90° and vertically stored, in one or two rows, on dedicated steel racks
  • The special iron-rubber suckers allow to take the tiles with homogeneous distribution of the pressure on the whole surface
  • Equipped with electronic panel with PLC to control for easy setting of all device parameters
  • Easy to use and practically maintenance free; it can significantly increase production capacity avoiding manpower
  • Device supplied complete with specific equipment for each size of tiles
  • It handles tiles up to size 600×600 mm (TILE UP 160)
  • The device shall be used also to feed a grinding / polishing machine with cured tiles

Info and Inquires

Documents and Technical Sheets

Technical Brochure

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