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OCEM: A Three-Year Period of Growth and Innovation with Employee Wellbeing at the Center

A Successful 2023

The OCEM company closed 2023 consolidating a solid turnover and corporate structure and confirming the competitiveness of its offer in the market. This success not only strengthened the company’s position, but also laid the foundations for an ambitious three-year plan that aims to further increase the results achieved. The 2024-2026 period promises to be full of challenges and opportunities, with OCEM committed to three fundamental pillars: Growing Turnover, Technological Innovation and Safety of its workers.

Growing turnover

OCEM intends to continue on the path of economic success, aiming for a constant increase in turnover. This objective will be achieved through expansion into new markets, strengthening presence in existing ones and introducing new products and services. The strategy involves careful monitoring of market needs and a timely and adequate response to customer requests, always guaranteeing high quality standards.


Technological innovation

Innovation has always been in OCEM’s DNA and will continue to be so over the next three years. The company will invest significantly in research and development, with the aim of introducing cutting-edge technologies that can offer innovative solutions to customers. Among the areas of greatest interest are industrial automation, environmental sustainability and the introduction of artificial intelligence. OCEM aims to become a technological leader, capable of anticipating trends and offering new generation products and services.
2024 began with a new patent application and with the inauguration of the R&D department equipped with a press and laboratory equipment dedicated to technical training, tests and pressing trials of the raw materials sent to us by our customers.

Workplace safety

A safe working environment is essential for workers well-being and company productivity. OCEM places safety at the center of its priorities, implementing rigorous prevention and protection measures. Over the next three years the company will invest in training, safety equipment and infrastructure improvements to ensure that every worker can operate in optimal conditions. The culture of safety will be promoted at all levels of the organization with the aim of continuing to have zero workplace accidents in the coming years.

Performance Bonus for Workers

Achieving the set objectives will be a success shared by all OCEM workers. The company has announced that every year, if the plan is successful, a significant performance bonus will be distributed to all workers. This recognition will not only reward the commitment and dedication of the staff, but will represent a further incentive to pursue the company objectives with determination.

The three-year period 2024-2026 promises to be a period of great transformation and growth for OCEM. With this clear strategy, the company is ready to face future challenges and consolidate its success. Employees, the true creators of the goals achieved, will be involved and incentivized, creating a climate of motivation and belonging that will further contribute to company success. OCEM looks to the future with confidence and determination, ready to write new chapters in its history of excellence.

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