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OCEM and DHL: A Partnership for the Environment with the GoGreen Plus project


In the context of the current global scenario, sustainability is becoming increasingly crucial and companies are taking a proactive role in mitigating the environmental impact of their operations. In this context, OCEM has partnered with DHL Express Italy, a world-renowned logistics company, to launch the revolutionary GoGreen Plus project, a service designed to transform the international express shipping sector.


GoGreen Plus Project: A New Standard for Sustainable Shipments

At the heart of the GoGreen Plus is an initiative that allows our company to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions associated with air shipments. This service is based on the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), produced from alternative and more eco-friendly raw materials.


Net Reduction of CO2 Emissions

Through the use of sustainable aviation fuel, the program aims for a net reduction in CO2 emissions. The entire process is subject to verification by an independent institution accredited by the Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), ensuring transparency and reliability in the achieved reductions.
Shipments made with the GoGreen Plus Project service will be marked with the distinctive label:

immediately identifying companies like OCEM committed to combating climate change.

The partnership between OCEM and DHL Express Italy, through the GoGreen Plus project, represents a significant step toward a more sustainable logistics sector. The integration of eco-friendly practices in international shipments demonstrates that it is possible to combine efficiency and sustainability, paving the way for a future where leading companies serve as examples in the fight against climate change.


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