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OCEM OL Series: the best calibrating and polishing machines for cement, concrete and terrazzo tiles

Leave behind your tiles surface finishing problems! With high performances, sturdiness and efficiency OCEM OL machines allow you to speed up the finishing process reaching a perfect shining of the tiles and slabs always keeping an eye on energy saving.

OCEM OL calibrating, grinding and polishing machines are available with different useful widths from 400 to 1000 mm and are able to work with one or more rows of tiles and slabs. All OCEM OL machines are made with a strong electro welded steel structure composed by a lower and an upper frames on which the calibrating / grinding / polishing heads are installed. The modular structure permits to have machines with a different number of working heads.

A multilayer PVC belt, sliding on a runway covered with HARDOX wear resistant steel, transports the tiles inside the machine. The working speed of the belt is easily adjustable directly from the operator panel between 0,5 and 6 m/min and it is controlled by an electronic closed control loop. The calibrating / grinding heads are mechanically driven while the polishing heads are pneumatically driven. An amperometric tracking system permits to have a perfect control of the working pressure. Each head can be equipped with different electric motors with power up to 50 kW.

The max. standard thickness of the tiles is 130 mm. An electronic control of the tiles thickness at the entry of the machine avoids damages. The heads are suitable to be equipped with carborundum grinding wheels or with fast change abrasive segments. Abrasives are water-cooled.
The inspection doors are made according to CE safety standards with an ergonomic design and to avoid water leakages while opening (OCEM design and patent pending).
All OL machines are equipped with an electric control board managed by a SIEMENS PLC S7- 1500 plus a dedicated control panel on each head and a main touch screen operator panel for the complete control of the machine working parameters.

“Maximum flexibility and user-friendliness make OL calibrating / grinding and polishing machines indispensable for tiles and slabs production.”


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