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Other Services

Consulting & Planning

OCEM commercial and technical depts. are at disposal to consider and study any Customer’s idea or project and supply proper technical solutions to optimize the economic investment and the production capacities.
All OCEM plants are tailored following the Customer’s requests.

Research & Development Laboratory

The produced tiles and slabs can be treated with different finishing options such as calibrating-honing and final polishing, abrasive brushing, chemical treatments, digital decorations and other surface finishing tests which can also be performed in cooperation with the OCEM’s specialized Partners.

Innovative mix designs can include a wide range of aggregates, such as different natural stones, quartz or recycled ceramic and glass in different small, medium and big diameters and with different hardness and composition. Moreover also new concrete qualities, innovative chemical additives and reinforcement fibers can be tested to develop more performant and attractive “engineered” concrete-agglomerate EVO products.

OCEM R&D dept. is equipped with a 400ton rotary laboratory press to produce tiles using Customer’s raw materials evaluating the correct plant configuration before to purchase a new plant.

The deep knowledge developed on concrete-agglomerate products guided OCEM engineers to optimally develop the OCEM’s different production hyper-presses, optimally managing their pressing cycles and parameters for every different mix design. This important knowledge also led OCEM to design and develop with its partners optimal finishing machines and complete finishing lines operating with special tools (diamonds, abrasives, abrasive brushes, etc.) specially developed for the different concrete products final processing.

Worldwide Installation

With its skilled technicians and engineers team OCEM proficiently installs presses and complete plants worldwide with professionalism and capabilities, being supported by the after sales service office and spare parts dept.

Customer Care & Maintenance Service

After Sales Services are always considered a priority in OCEM; our Spare Parts dept. is constantly at disposal to supply components and parts with the best delivery time and prices for all our machines also for the very old ones. Our team of skilled technicians is available to travel and help Customers worldwide; all OCEM machines shall be equipped with TE.SE.O. (Tele Service OCEM) which permits to connect them with our Customer Care team to react very quickly in case of any help request.

Italian Quality, Global Market

OCEM is one of the world leading companies for the design and installation of concrete tiles and slabs production plants

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