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The Little Tour Nikki Nikki/OCEM Team: An Epic Ride through the Florentine Parks



June was a historic month for Florence, not only because the city had the honor of hosting the official start of the Tour de France 2024, but also because, a few days before the Tour, our pedal heroes and a large group of friends decided to organize their own personal “Tour de France … sorry, Florence.” This adventure crossed the city’s most beautiful parks, imbued with the jovial spirit of the famous Coppa Cobram from Fantozzi’s stories, and saw our heroes braving an apocalyptic flood.

The Heroic Departure

The dawn of that day (8 AM for those reading from the Rome time zone) found the members of the Nikki Nikki / OCEM Team and their friends (hereafter referred to as “our heroes”) gathered on Gran Bretagna street, the starting point of the route, to complete the necessary “punching” operations and ready to conquer the Florentine streets with the cry of “Let’s go in search of flamingos!” (for readers, we assure that no animals were harmed)!

The Winning Strategy

The professional teams of the Tour de France have strategic plans, meticulous calculations, and complex tactics. The OCEM Team? Well, they opted for a simpler strategy: “ride faster when you smell food”. A tactic that proved surprisingly effective along the route, which saw them speeding through the Cascine Park and then heading towards the Piana Park. The goal? Take a selfie with the mythical pink flamingos that often rest in this area. Unfortunately, the flamingos, perhaps frightened by the bad weather, did not show up.

The Great Flood

Meanwhile, the sky put on a show: a true Great Flood decided to keep company to our group of heroes and refresh them as well. Glasses fogged up, helmets turned into portable aquariums, and streets into rivers. But nothing could stop the Tour! With high spirits and completely soaked, the group kept riding undeterred. No one would have been able to stop professionals riders like them. No one would have been able to stop professionals riders like them.


The Lunch Stop at Renai Park

After the epic (and unsuccessful) “hunt” for the selfie with the flamingos, the OCEM Team reached Renai Park for a lunch stop. Due to the inclement weather, the planned frugal picnic quickly turned into a short and modest stop at a restaurant. Much more similar to a Bollywood-style wedding, the lunch was a triumph of cured meats (prosciutto, salame, mortadella and many others) with tastings of Tuscan pecorino cheeses, a trio of first courses followed by a variety of second courses and sides, all accompanied by the finest red wines that only the Tuscan barrels can produce.


The Triumphant Return

Refreshed by the light brunch binge, “our heroes” got back on their bikes for the triumphant return to Gran Bretagna street. The route through the bike lanes thus turned into a rafting descent, worthy of the Magpie River in Canada. Dodging puddles and avoiding the ever-present drenched tourists, the group covered the last few kilometers with the same heroic spirit as tackling the Col de Tourmalet, one of the most challenging stages of the Tour de France.



The Nikki Nikki / OCEM Team’s “Tour of Florence” was a celebration of fun, friendship, and carefree riding. In an era where competition and performance have taken over, this event reminded us all that the true essence of cycling lies in enjoying the journey, in good company, and with lots of laughter. A story of friendship, endurance, and lots and lots of rain. An experience that will remain etched in the memories of the participants and, why not, in the legendary tales that will be passed down in the corridors of OCEM (and also through the streets of Florence). With the deluge adding a dramatic and playful touch, this ride was, without a doubt, an event that no one will easily forget.
A round of applause for these playful cyclists who turned a June day into a memorable adventure!


P.S. The Management of the Nikki Nikki / OCEM Team communicates that the next tours will be agreed in advance with:
• Air Force Meteorological Service
• Civil Protection
• All the emergency rooms along the route
Director of the national weather service

OCEM Headquarter. Passage of the Tour de France 2024 from Viale Europa, Florence. June 29th, 2024 29/06/2024


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