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The Nikki Nikki Team/OCEM: Cycling with Passion, Joviality and a Pinch of Madness!

Welcome to the world of the Nikki Nikki Team, the most colorful and fun group of cyclists ever born within the corridors of the OCEM company. Founded in 2019 with the revolutionary idea of cycling without any experience, the Nikki Nikki Team has become a true symbol of friendship, solidarity and, of course, laughter.


The Sacred Rules of the Nikki Nikki Team

Even the most extravagant cyclists need rules, and in the Nikki Nikki Team there are two fundamental ones:
Rule Number 1: “You can’t talk about work” – During your rides, work-related conversations are prohibited!
Rule Number 2: “The confidentiality of events on Tours” – What happens during a Tour, stays on the Tour.
Every adventure, every anecdote and every moment of difficulty are jealously guarded by the team members, strengthening the bonds within the group


The Birth of Cyclotubbies and the Transformation into Nikki Nikki Team

The true consecration of the Nikki Nikki Team arrives in 2021, when the “Four Pioneers” decide to face the “Eroica” (heroic) dressed as Teletubbies, in two days.



The “Eroica” is a challenging race of over 200 km of a commemorative/historical type on dirt roads, i.e. stretches of unpaved road. Participation in the Eroica is dedicated to cyclists wearing vintage or historically inspired bicycle clothing.
This act of pure playful genius earns them the name “Ciclotubbies”.
Subsequently, the official name becomes Nikki Nikki Team and the group begins to expand among OCEM workers and former workers as well.
Following the great enthusiasm, the OCEM company, under the leadership of Eng. Ugo Giannelli, decides to finance the Nikki Nikki Team, making it the first, only and official OCEM cycling team, also providing the “athletes” with professional equipment (and less “teletubbies” style). An honor and a commitment that the team’s cyclists take very seriously… or almost!

A Team of Folkloristic Athletes

Today the Nikki Nikki Team/OCEM has a group of athletes ready for anything, known for their joviality and their tendency to “bullshit”. With three tours completed, the team remains faithful to the motto: “WE GO AT THE SPEED OF THE SLOWEST“. Their goal? Complete each planned route, enjoying the journey and the company.

The group is completed by two key figures: an internationally renowned engineer, responsible for mechanical assistance and the development of performance materials and a coach expert in physical preparation, specialized in a diet based on fats, alcohol and carbohydrates. A perfect mix for cycling with energy and good mood!


The Masterpiece of the Nikki Nikki Team

The flagship of the Nikki Nikki Team is an old disused bike transformed into a artwork. With the OCEM corporate colors and a unique design, this bicycle is the symbol of the artistic genius and dedication that distinguish the group.

Every detail has been taken care of with passion, transforming an abandoned bicycle into something extraordinary.

The Nikki Nikki Team is more than a group of cyclists: it is a family, a laboratory of creativity and an example of how the love of cycling can bring people together and create unforgettable memories. So, if you happen to see a group of cyclists pedaling with a smile, laughing and joking, you have no doubts: you have just met the Nikki Nikki Team/OCEM! Stop for a selfie with them!!!!

If you want to contribute to the financing and development of this important project (great eating and drinking with the excuse of a bike ride), subscriptions are officially open.
For info and bank details we kindly ask you to contact the Team Leader – Massimiliano:

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