Systems and Solutions patented by OCEM R&D Dept.

Systems and technologies patented in recent years by our internal

research and development team

IANUA (2022) - Doors for calibrating / grinding / polishing machines

Double Shell Engineered Doors ensure

  • Perfect sealing in particularly when doors are opened
  • Less noise, no vibration, no water leakages
  • Stainless Steel Internal Shell avoids corrosion and rust
  • Adjustable Hinges allow long-lasting waterproofness between doors and rubber seals
  • Easy and Clean opening/closing
  • Maximum Safety for the operators

REMORA (2020) – Innovative stacks displacement on OCEM's HOC systems

  • Less Movable Masses
  • Less Total Installed Power
  • Less Energy Consuption
  • More Performance, Less complexity

MOLOCK (2019) - Mould locking system

  • No more mould hammering or bending
  • No losses of mixture between inner rings and rubber/polyurethane bases
  • Less wear out of rubber/polyurethane bases
  • Essential for production of large thin tiles and slabs


  • Easy and fast dosing groups removal and cleaning
  • Fast and safe change of dosing equipment
  • Higher safety and productivity

Total Power Control

  • Real control of vibration
  • +50% Full power vibration
  • Single Mould frequency control
  • Single mould vibration time control
  • More efficiency, less complexity

WI-FI O-RING (2014) - WI-FI OCEM data trasmission system

  • No more limit switches on the rotary table
  • Unlimited mould lifting positioning for cleaning
  • Mould movement managed via touch screen panel
  • More rationality, less maintenance


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